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Leon David Carr is a special young man whose indomitable spirit, charisma and energy inspired all who have come in contact with him throughout his life.  He had a way of making others feel special, of easily diffusing even a volatile situation, of spreading his infectious humor wherever he went, and of living life fully.  His legacy of spirit lives on.


The product of a large and loving family, Leon valued the bond of kinship.  When most would be reluctant to sacrifice their time for aging grandparents, he made it a point to spend extra time with them, just to brighten their day.  There is no doubt his considerate, caring attention prolonged and enhanced their life.


Leon grew up and spent most of his life on Grand Island, a relatively small and rural suburb of Buffalo, NY.  Easily gathering friends around him, he created an incredible network of people who knew and loved him.  Those people are scattered throughout Western New York and as far as British Columbia, Canada and for many people, they will never forget a man who meant so much, to so many.


On February 17, 2008 while Leon was snowboarding at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, a tragic accident occurred.  Despite being an accomplished snowboarder and wearing protective gear, including a helmet, the crash delivered near fatal brain trauma. After 52 hours on total life support, it was determined there would be no chance of recovery.


In his final days, Leon was visited by more than a hundred friends and family members that provided immeasurable love and support.  With all of us gathered together, we hoped that our thoughts and prayers could somehow bring him back.  Though our hopes were shattered, a spark of determination was formed and molded us together creating what is now the Leon D. Carr Memorial Foundation.


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