Just a Reminder....

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Just a reminder that we cut-out the fundraising portion of the event.  It is going to be a 'bring your own' picnic. Hope to you on Sunday!  Picnic starts at noon.

'6th Annual' Leon Carr Disc Golf Classic Registration Form

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All proceeds from the tournament will go towards the 
ECC Leon D Carr Memorial Scholorship

Sunday, July 7th 
Beaver Island - 8:30am

Click HERE for PayPal Tournament Donation: 

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'6th Annual' Leon Carr Disc Golf Classic

On Behalf of the LDCMF.....

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Thank You Sascha: Visit our Always Remembering Leon's FB Page Here.....

On behalf of LDCMF we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been involved in our events, organizations, &interest in remembering Leon Carr over the past 5 years. We originally began our fundraising in the summer of 2008 w/ the 1st Leons Day including the Annual Leon Carr Classic disc golf tournament because of Leon's love of the sport. We aimed these fundraising efforts for the 1st Leons Day primarily at acquiring a Head Stone for Leon due to his accident&unexpected passing. We continued on w/ organizing events that grew to include our Annual Redbone Winter Classic soup fest which is a friendly competition that pays tribute to Leon's superior soup making skills he displayed for years while working at the Village Inn. 

LDCMF continuing to host these 2 major events annually for Leon's community&all the times we have gotten together over the past half-decade has created benevolent fundraising for many positive causes. Our community's efforts has created 8semesters worth of $500 E.C.C. Scholarships at the last scholastic institution Leon graduated from. We donated $3000+ to UNYTS out of respect for Leon's organ donation that incredibly aided strangers who desperately needed the help. We also donated $4000+ from our events fundraising to Grand Island Conservation interests&to help the Miracle League help set up a baseball diamond on Grand Island for regional handicapped kids to have a place to play:)

Leon's community's donations through all of these events has also seen $2000+ go to another half dozen local organizations that have positive interests for WNY including local farming interests as well as Buffalo bike riding communities. All of these efforts&benevolent results couldn't have happened w/out so many great peoples coming to our community building events that commemorate Leon Carr's positive effect he had on so many friends, family, & strangers. We gather for these events to pay respects to Leon's generously loving character by staying in contact w/ each other while we get together even if its only a few times a year. 

Not everyone knows this but the annual summer event was actually Leon's idea originally. In September of 2007 Leon&I plus Karen, Monaco& Nicole went to go throw discs @Beaver Island in Leon's last time out for disc golf. Walking from Hole #1 to Hole #2 Leon was talking&stopped me as he pointed to the Pavillion that has been the central location to multiple Leon's Day summer events. He asked "Look at this. Why can't we get all the people we know down here? Get all the people from the Village, card games, & all our friends in the area. We should get everyone together down here once a year for a big gathering&grilling out, would be amazing.." That thought later became the basis for what has become our Annual Leon's Day events that commemorate Leon w/ the gathering of his community plus many more people atleast once a year to get out&have a nice day in the summer together:)

Moving forward were still going to have the annual summer&winter events. The winter wont change but the summer is going to become less orientated at raising funds. The original goal of being able to purchase a headstone for Leon was accomplished&that was paramount. Though many members involved in the LDCMF organization have recently run into many more life responsibilities&wont be able to put the work&time into raising so many funds. This would probably include not being able to provide food, beer, &the raffle for fundraising sales possibly. The event will therefore move to a byob&food outing w/ there being bands only if people wanted to play w/out the usual perks we would have for them. Were still going to have the disc golf trny&the Leon's Day event itself, but will most likely not be able to provide everything there for the day of purchases. As we move to this format our organization will be primarily focused on only continuing the E.C.C. semester scholarships. The major goal of the headstone for Leon was initially accomplished&then so much more! For this LDCMF would like to sincerely Thank Absolutely Everyone thats been involved on all the levels of this organization&Events throughout the past 5 years as we continue to remember Leon Carr 0:)

9:00am Disc Golf start on Sunday....

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I just wanted to drop a quick note about the 5th Annual Leon Carr Disc Golf Classic this Sunday. Please be there by 8:45 am for registration. We will be starting at 9am. After much thought and positive feedback, we have changed up the tournament a bit. We will have two divisions...Advanced and Intermediate.  If you average a score of -3 or better (par 3 course) from the whites, we are asking that you shoot from the blue tee's. Not only will this make it more competitive for the Advanced players, it will give everyone a chance to place. Please sign up accordingly on Sunday. There will still only be one prize pool. A full list of rules are attached to this post, please read them.  We also have custom made Discs for sale with a picture of Leon 'throwing', They are $20 each and will be available day of.  I am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, it's gonna be awesome.....

This Year's Disc Art
This Year's Disc Art

Click HERE to view/download Rules

'5th Annual' Redbone Disc Golf Classic Sign Up

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Registration Closed

Thank You All for an Outstanding Evening!

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The '3rd Annual' Redbone Winter Classic and Soup Social was held this evening at the Moose Lodge on Grand Island.  We had an outstanding turn-out.  21 soups were entered into the competition. This years winner is no stranger to the Winter Classic. Sean Paonessa, who also won in 2010, took the trophy with a brilliant Steak and Roasted Garlic Soup. Unfortunately, I did not have the honor to try his soup.  By the time I made my way over to the soups, Sean's was gone.  This came as no surprise...everyone was raving about it. The money raised tonight will go towards the Leon D. Carr Memorial Scholarship at Erie County Community College. Thanks again, and please check back as I will be posting pictures of the event soon. - Dan 

LDCMF Soup and Social Winter Classic

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Where: Grand Island Moose Lodge (2524 Grand Island Blvd Grand Island, NY)
When: February 18th, 2012 7pm - 12am

The LDCMF organization is hosting its annual winter event that commemorates Leon Carr. This event will once again be held at the GI Moose Lodge on the night of Saturday February 18th at 7pm - 12am. We are having our Best Fuckin' Soup Ever competition & urge all that would be interested or anyone you know to bring & enter their best creation. A donation of $20 will be asked at the door which enables you access all night to draft beer & all the food that will be available. For those that enter soups into the competition only $10 will be asked for your donation. Anyone attending is also encouraged to bring any type of food dish that you think would be thankfully enjoyed. Please feel free to bring friends & family to come share in some excellent times as we have a nice night with good peoples & raise a toast or two to Leon:)

Another Successful Event!!

posted Aug 27, 2011, 9:34 PM by Daniel Slaiman

Thank you to everyone that donated and supported our Fundraiser. We had an outstanding turnout and beautiful weather. With all of your help, we are proud to announce that the LDCMF raised $2500 for the Miracle League of Western New York. They are in the process of building a baseball diamond on Grand Island, NY.  You can find more information at : : Please check back, as we will be posting more photos and videos.

Just Announced.... 9 Hole Golf Scramble

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In addition to the Disc Tournament on July 3rd, we will be holding a Golf Tournament as well. If you are interested, please email : : to sign up. Upon emailing, you will get a confirmation email with a link to PayPal. $45 per person. Tee Off will be 8:30am.  Buy-in goes towards 9 holes, golf cart, prize pool, and donation. Please email if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

LDCMF and The Miracle League team up for this year's event....

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Greetings All,

It's almost that time of year again.....on July 3rd, the LDCMF is hosting our "4th Annual" Leon D Carr Memorial Fundraiser at Beaver Island. (Please note that our event will be held near the Marina this year.) The last few years have been very successful and we are looking forward to another awesome event! This year, the LDCMF is teaming up with The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY. 

If any of you have driven by Veterans Park on Grand Island lately, you may have noticed there is a brand new Baseball Diamond being built. The Miracle League gives Special Needs Children and Young Adults the chance to play organized Baseball. When we learned of this, we wanted to do everything possible to make it a success. All proceeds this year will benefit The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY.  Tony Fuccillo has donated a 2011 Chevy Aveo 5 to the ML. Tickets can be purchased at this year's event for $10.  The drawing will be held on September 1st. You can find more info for the Miracle League at: :

Please join us on July 3rd and enjoy a day of Music/Drinks/Food and Fun. There will be 3 local bands including Leon and the Forklifts, Resident Alien, and Sleepless City. The Legendary "Rock" will be spinning music in-between acts. Kids are always welcome and we will hold activities for them throughout the day. 

Along with the Fundraiser, we are hosting our "4th Annual" Redbone Disc Golf Classic. You can sign up : HERE 

We appreciate all the Love and Support you all have shown over the years as well as all the donations that we have received. Without them, we would have not been able to give back to our Community. Below is a list of Organizations we have donated to in the past:
  • UNYTS (Upstate NY Transplant Services)
  • Annual ECC Leon D. Carr Scholarship 
  • Grand Island Conservation Commission
  • Buffalo Blue Bike
  • Several Local Community Fundraisers
We are looking forward to adding The Miracle League of Grand Island to the list. We are also looking forward to seeing you on July 3rd to celebrate the Life of Leon David Carr. May his Memory Be Eternal.


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